Insider LouisvilleOctober 2013

El freaking Camino indeed: New So Cal surfshack brings the beach to Bardstown Road

by Melissa Chipman There’s a reason why we have Steve Coomes here at Insider Louisville. Because when a mere mortal checks out the most-hyped new restaurant in Louisville, well, sometimes she gets distracted by good conversation with friends. And sometimes she’s so hungry that she Hoovers down her tacos like someone who’s been marooned in

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Consuming LouisvilleOctober 2013

And Now Here is El Camino

by Michelle I usually hold back for a little bit when a new restaurant opens. I want to give them a few weeks to work out any kinks since you can’t really forget a first impression a place gives you. For some reason I broke that pattern twice recently. Two highly anticipated restaurants have opened

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