El Camino featured in Yahoo! Travel: Best New Bars in US

Yahoo! Travel Jan 3, 2014


El Camino.
Even though it’s winter in Kentucky, you’d hardly realize it inside El Camino – where life’s perpetually a beach-themed bar. The spot opened this fall and is serving up a whole lot of fun, surf kitsch and flaming bowls of Tiki concoctions. The food menu takes a note from old Oaxaca, plating dishes that – much like the décor – make you feel removed from Kentucky outside. The drink list still loves its hometown juice, though, and you’ll find plenty of dark, intense bourbons on the list.

Drink: The Port Light. It’s Buffalo Trace bourbon, fresh passion fruit juice, and homemade grenadine. The entire drink list includes a from-scratch mentality and a fantastic ice program.

Bonus: Your tunes come courtesy of a record player rather than the expected iPod.

(Photo: Chris Witzke)

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